CauseRoar has the expertise to support your event's speaker management.

Quality speakers and dynamic content are essential to drawing attendees to your conference. Together they establish your credibility and importance within your field. How you present your organization helps you attract the best possible speakers. This begins with your online presence.

At CauseRoar, we start with making it easy for speakers at a glance to learn all they need to know to determine that your conference is where they need to be to increase their visibility and get in front of the people that matter to them. It starts with branding and having a dynamic online presence. But it does not end there. Creating an easy speaker interface with clear and concise direction so that all important information can be uploaded quickly and efficiently is what we excel at.

With years of experience managing speakers, we pride ourselves on the ease with which we manage speaker logistics, from setting up speaker online tools to managing speaker powerpoints to producing conference materials to providing onsite management support. But we go one step further, we are who your speakers turn to with any problem they may have – from simple questions about how to use technology to helping them update their slides to assisting them at the event.

CauseRoar has the expertise, experience and staff to support the entire speaker management process.

Our Speaker Management Services Include:

  • Create a custom web interface for call for papers
  • Coordinate speakers throughout unlimited tracks
  • Create an online agenda
  • Compile speaker information and presentation details
  • Manage speaker information for website updates and printed program production
  • Automatic email confirmations, acceptances and rejections sent to speakers
  • A centralized portal for speakers to obtain information about the conference and logistics of their scheduled session
  • A secure portal allows speakers to change and upload presentation information throughout the planning process
  • Collect presentation slides within the system
  • Convert powerpoint slides to pdf for online download
  • Speaker photo, agenda and biography data is easily exported for the development of promotional materials, signage and program guide
  • Integrate real-time agenda & speaker data with a conference mobile app of your choice

Pre-Conference Speaker Support Includes:

  • Coordinate with speakers via phone, email and other correspondence
  • Manage speaker logistics
  • Ensure collection of all speaker data
  • Plenary session coordination
  • Breakout room coordination
  • Speech writing services and slide production services
  • Design social media campaigns to drive call for speaker interest

Post-Conference Speaker Support Includes:

  • Access to all updated presentations after the event
  • Presentations approved for posting can automatically be made available on the conference website during or after the conference
  • Availability of post-conference slides on the website to the public, all attendees or in a private member area.
  • Post-conference slides or videos can be available and increase your organization's revenue through a Live Streaming Event, Online Video Media Center or E-Learning Website.

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