70% of Millennials are willing to raise money on behalf of an organization they care about
Large nonprofits are more likely to prioritize brand awareness and thought leadership than smaller ones
79% of nonprofit professionals said that fundraising is the number-one goal of their content marketing, with brand awareness coming in second.

Branding that touches the hearts and minds of your supporters

CauseRoar helps organizations, nonprofits and changemakers crystallize who they are, where they are going and we act as their guide in getting there. We create brands that speak to your supporters, establish an emotional connection, tell your story – a story that attracts loyal supporters, donors and advocates to your cause.

Branding for organizations is more than just your mission statement or logo – it’s a lot more. Some of the ways you display your brand are through your logo, color, typography, and print and web design, but brand means so much more. It's the personality of your organization - that magic someone feels that brings a smile to a supporter's face when they see an email in their inbox from your organization.

Branding is telling your story to your supporters and showing why you matter, why your supporters should care. – connecting with their hearts and minds in a real and tangible way. It’s about the experience your supporters have of your organization online, offline, and in-person. It’s not who you say you are, but how your supporters experience your organization.

Branding Process that Gets To The Heart Of The Matter

At Cause Roar, we have developed an effective branding process for organizations. It begins with a discovery phase where we brainstorm, engage, and research. We find out who you are, what your vision is and why it matters, who your supporters are and what they care about and who your competition is and what they do well and not so well.

From this in depth analysis we develop a foundation for all future marketing communications (touchpoints) and a guide for defining (or redefining) your organization’s personality, writing compelling messages, designing a visual identity, building your presence online, in print, and on social media, developing brochures and other materials, or telling your story visually through video. The possibilities are boundless.

At CauseRoar we create a consistent brand through all of your touchpoints, in a way that is memorable and touches the hearts and minds of your supporters.

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