85% of people use videos when searching for healthcare information.
50% of executives look for more information after seeing a product/service in a video.
Visitors who view video stay on a website on average 2 minutes longer.


Visual storytelling is one of the most powerful mediums available to nonprofits and healthcare agencies. It can intimately connect consumers with your organization, its people and its mission in a way that will unite and mobilize supporters, expand your audience and drive up donations.

CauseRoar team is experienced in producing educational, promotional and fundraising videos. One of our Principals is an experienced broadcast news journalist with a background in creating and producing both news and entertainment programs for leading television networks, including ABC News and Paramount Pictures. She has worked alongside Barbara Walters, John Stossel and Maury Povich, overseeing production of several top-rated shows. She is skilled at crafting visual stories that both educate and captivate viewers.

Let us tell your story through video.

Our team can research, create, produce and oversee publishing of your video. We’ll help you identify the strongest storyline and all the elements needed to make your video a success.

And We Don’t Stop There. At CauseRoar, we produce videos for all of your business needs including: Healthcare Explainer videos, Educational or informative videos, which include expert interviews or highlights of your services; Testimonials; Annual conference reviews; Special Event highlights; Training Videos; Online welcome messages; or promotional videos.

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