13.5% increase in online fundraising during 2013 in the US.
84% of organizations's donation landing pages are not optimized for mobile.
65% of organizations make donors click 3 or more times to give a donation.

Is Your Organization doing enough To Maximize Your Online Giving Potential?

At CauseRoar our goal is to empower organizations and changemakers to achieve the highest level of fundraising performance online. Our team is dedicated to partnering with your organization as we listen to your mission and goals, and turn what we hear into a successful online strategy that gets you where you want to go.

Online fundraising continues to increase year to year with double-digit growth over the past four years. And this trend is continuing.

Organizations that are successful online at fundraising do much more than put a "Donate Now" button on their home pages and send e-mail appeals to supporters.

Creating a solid digital strategy to improve online giving is essential to the success of your fundraising. This is where we come in.

CauseRoar's Online Giving Strategies Fuel Giving

CauseRoar's strategies and tools are designed to help you engage and interact with your donors, supporters, members and volunteers, building relationships and trust. And that trust is what fuels the giving.

We Get Your Website "Giving" Ready

Creating a donation page is not as simple as "build it and they will come". Most organization websites see a donation form abandonment rate of around 55% - 70%. If you have a 60% abandonment rate, you simply have to improve that rate to 56% to see a 10% increase in online donations!

At CauseRoar, we help you develop a strategy and optimize your donation web page to increase the likelihood that a donor will complete their transaction. Some of the ways we can help you are:

We help ensure that your donation page matches your organizational branding. Third-party giving sites do not do as well as incorporating donation forms directly on your site.
We set up your donation pages so that they are secure and adhere to Payment Card Regulations.
We help your organization develop a short and direct call to action with visuals that tell your story and connect with supporters emotionally. Connecting with your supporters emotionally and showing your impact is crucial to fundraising success. Supporters connect to a cause because they understand your story on a gut level and understand who is being impacted.
We create donation pages that limit choices for your donors, keeping them focused on the task of donation.
We create mobile friendly donation pages that resize and reformat based on the device your donors are using to make a donations.
We develop donation pages with funding options: contribution levels, donate in honor of, monthly giving.
We create emails that match your organization branding, provide information needed for tax purposes, and give the donor information on other ways they can help.
The most overlooked part of the donation process. At CauseRoar we view donation pages as the first step in supporter engagement. If someone has donated to your organization, you've already done the hard work; your supporter believes in your cause. Thank You Pages are the opportunity to let your supporters know how they can further help you spread awareness and extend your reach. Take a look at a CauseRoar Demo Donation Thank You Page" for ideas on how this works.
We develop donation pages, email receipts and thank you pages that give your donors the ability to let their friends and family know that they have contributed to your organization, extended your reach to your donors social networks.
We develop tracking software to analyze how well your donation pages are doing.
We develop Crowdfunding Solutions for your organization on your website. Crowdfunding involves a large number of people funding a program, project, or cause. A Crowdfunding page on your own site keeps donors on your site, giving you a greater advantage in leveraging your brand.

Donor Engagement Is The Same Online As It is Offline

Once you have your website "Giving" ready, don't forget about engagement etiquette. View the donor experience from their point-of-view. At an event, would you go up to a potential donor, and say please give us money? No, there are steps you take to build a relationship and trust. The same is true online. Online donors have the same reasons for giving as offline donors, and want the same consideration as those who choose to give offline.

At CauseRoar, we help you develop your strategy online for building relationships and trust.

Build A Relationship With Donors Online
Click to enlarge. (Courtesy Avectra)

Online giving doesn’t end with your donation pages. When integrated with the tools for social engagement, crowdfunding, email marketing, advocacy campaigns, event management, and membership programs, your organization strengthens the relationship with existing donors, acquires and cultivates new donors; all of which results in a lasting commitment to your cause.

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